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So most of you out there know what Asians are like, regardless of whether or not you are one yourself. Asian parents push their kids hard to do well in school, Asian teachers are strict, and Asian students are–in case you haven’t noticed–probably some of the best students. Generally, the Asian culture is very academics-oriented, and once an Asian is set on something, they’ll take it very seriously. Most likely. If you’re a stereotypical Asian.

I don’t know if being a stereotypical Asian is a good thing, but one thing’s for sure: I’m definitely not one of them. I’m not super-neat. God knows I’m not a straight-A student. I believe that I am a pathological liar (to which my parents will happily agree).

But then there are good things to being a non-mainstream Asian (oh mah gaud, I know. AMAZING). For instance, I realize that I’m more extroverted than most Asians are (and this I would know, considering my school is like, 75% Korean. I swear xDD), meaning I have pretty good communication skills and I’m charismatic, I think. I play basketball. I love to draw. I have awesome, crazy friends who aren’t Asian (a shock to even myself, considering most of my friends in the past have been Asian). These things I love about myself. These things I’ll never change.

That about wraps up my mini-rant thing.  Not much more to say about myself here, but you can be sure that you’ll be hearing from me as soon as I have enough energy to think (three basketball games and a science fair, all in one weekend).  Read read read! And drop comments or questions if you have any! ^^

Oh, and just a quickie: I am officially changing my name to Hedgehog.  Well, not officially.  Just call me that from now on, ok? ^^

Thanks guys!

Hey world, I am BelowtheAsianStandards, formerly Amricnbrnchnese. It’s funny; I’ve gotten a number of complaints saying that, for some reason, all Asians announce their Asianness in their screen names and that it’s extremely annoying. So here’s to those who feel that way–an Asian screen name just for you ❤

Kidding, kidding, of course. Sharp-tounged as I may be, I would never do something that obnoxious. My screen name comes from who I am, not from some secret desire to be annoying as hell. Besides, what Asian is proud to be below the Asian standards?

…Not me. But I accept it. Here’s to YOU, successful Asians and Asian parents. May you be forever grateful you remain above the Asian standards.