OHK, so I don’t have too many goals for the summer, as you guys know. But one of the very few goals I did plan to achieve was to update my blog daily. MISSION: FAILED.

So here’s my post for today. I’m not gonna guarantee that you’ll be seeing one tomorrow (in fact, the chances of that are quite slim), but I certainly will make an effort. I’m really hoping I can work this blog into a routine or something.

Anyways, it is now officially SUMMER.  I’ve been out of school for a good 4 weeks now, but man, it hasn’t felt like summer until today.  It’s been pretty chilly and gloomy around here lately, so that’s thrown me out of the swing of things a bit.  So when the heat gets up to 90 degrees today, it’s goodbye, jacket, hello sunshine.  Hel-lo pool.  Helllllo tank top and shorts.  Hello flipflops.  And my personal favorite: hello laziness.

Cool days always make me feel like I have to do things to prevent myself from being bored, but for some reasons, hot  days make me feel like I’ll never, ever, ever be bored and I can pretty much laze around the house and fall asleep any day and everyday.  I wasn’t very productive today, even with my buddy Eesechay over, partly because I just wanna lie in the sun, close my eyes, and sleeeeeep.  The pool woke me up a bit, though.  It was the first time I’d really been swimming in 2 years.  

Unfortunately for me, those lazy days don’t last forever, and God knows that I still have things to get done.  I have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of every week, so I still need to get my lazy butt out of my bed and get ready.  But with my wardrobe still packed with winter/spring clothes, what on Earth am I supposed to wear?

The answer: shorts and a biggg tee.  Just cuz I’m too lazy to wear anything else.

A friend pointed out to me that I’m not exactly the most fashionable person around, even when it’s not Summer.  That’s true; I’d wear shorts and a big t-shirt everyday, if I could.  I’d wear a sweatshirt and jeans in the winter.  I don’t, though.  But fashion-lovers out there, don’t breathe a sigh of relief quite yet: my style consists mainly of button-down shirts and jeans.  

I’m cool with that.

While some girls out there are flipping over summer sales and the latest trends, I’m not flipping over anything.  I’m too lazy.  And I’m cool with that, too.

Questions? Comments? Post away!