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One of the things I find interesting is intelligence. Today, I was sitting in a small room with a group of friends, when – I can’t quite remember the context – one of the guys announced proudly, “I’m the smartest person in this room!” I kindly asked, “And what makes you say that?” To which he responded, “My GPA is definitely higher than yours. It’s a 4.35.” And then he gloated about his decidedly ‘superior’ intellect.

The thing is, GPA doesn’t really mean much. Sure, GPA is mega important when applying to colleges (it makes life easier for admissions directors), but it’s far from being an accurate representation of one’s intelligence. Smart people don’t always get the highest grades, and a lot of the people who do get the highest grades probably aren’t as intelligent as some of their lesser-performing peers.

Here’s my point: the only thing GPA really measures is one’s ability to get a good GPA. So you have a 4.35 GPA. I applaud you for being good at getting teachers to like you and turning in homework and studying for tests and all the things that contribute to your ridiculously high GPA. Does it make you more intelligent than everyone else? Not necessarily. There is no way to describe a person’s intelligence with words, let alone numbers. Your GPA? It’s just a number. You may go to Harvard, and being able to tell people you got your college education at Harvard is pretty impressive – but what matters isn’t where you got your education. It’s what you do with it.

I plan on writing a little bit about the topic of diversity and some of the many different ways people perceive it, but I know it’s been a little while, so before I get into all that good stuff (oh yay, controversy!), I’ll quickly justify my Disappearance Off the Face of the Earth.

Now, normally I wouldn’t even bother to justify my Random Vanishings into Thin Air, but today is the exception as I actually have a decent excuse this time. As a matter of fact, I have multiple decent excuses, but only one in particular is worthy of my mentioning. Two words: spring break.

I already wasted about an hour of my life detailing the events of my break, so I naturally have absolutely no intention of wasting another hour of my life to do the exact same thing over again. Time is precious, folks, and I have procrastinating to do. But if you’re at all interested in reading about my awesome break, go right on ahead.

Onwards! Time is of the essence, my friends.

After returning from my trip to Italy (which — in case you haven’t yet done so — you can read about by clicking the link above), I had four days before I had to pack up again and head out on my school’s 10th grade retreat. This year’s retreat featured the complex matter of diversity, and let me tell you: when one throws a bunch of teenagers into the wilderness for a night and tells them to discuss the meaning of ‘diversity,’ there will be blood. Being myself one of said teenagers, I realize now that nothing good will come out of such discussion. The teenagers will not be diplomatic in expressing their opinions and thoughts–they will not even express opinions, for the ‘opinions’ quickly become ‘facts’. And no one person has the same ‘facts’ as another on a matter such as diversity.

I do not want to initiate a race war. I don’t like arguing with others about race and racism and the like. I am highly opinionated myself, and I do not like it when others tell me my opinions are incorrect. Opinions are opinions–let them remain as such.

But I digress; the discussion about diversity may not have been as productive as the school administrators might have hoped, but that isn’t to say the trip was ruined. I had a pretty decent time. As it turns out, there are people in my grade I didn’t even know existed up until yesterday, so it was nice to be able to meet some of them for the first time. I very much enjoyed bonding with my friends, although many of us certainly disagreed on the controversial issue of North Dakota University’s mascot, the Flying Sioux. In fact, I think we’re closer now than ever.

My school isn’t very diverse, and I’m not at all used to it. My previous school was very ethnically diverse, and I had become so accustomed to that environment that the sudden change threw me off a bit. It’s hard to tell what is considered offensive and what isn’t anymore, so I’m going to avoid getting too involved in diversity discussions from this point onwards. It’s not worth ruining friendships over.

Kay y’all, I’ll update again soon. Hopefully.

… 😀