I’m really ashamed to say that my senioritis carried over from my ability to do schoolwork to my motivation to blog—it is not something to take lightly.  I remember being that 9th grader who looked down on all the seniors who slept in my film class.  Repeatedly not showing up to class was absolutely unacceptable.  Neglecting homework and test-prep was out of the question.

Now that most of my friends and I know where we’ll be going to college next year, though, I get all of that.  The urge to just use certain classes as a nap time is almost unbearable, the temptation of skipping boring classes to take a drive around our wonderful Los Angeles is almost irresistible, and the itch to just spend a day googling college life and watching netflix instead of doing homework is incredibly hard to ignore.

I’m not even kidding, it’s terrifying

This year has gone by so quickly, and while it’s sad to think that I’ll have to part with my closest friends in just a few months, I’m ready to move on.  Our minds are elsewhere, and we are—or at least I am—so done with high school.  

I think it’s time for me to reflect on my experience the college application process now that it’s all over and done with.  My first choice school when I first started applying to schools was Wellesley College, my mom’s and her two sisters’ alma mater.  It is a truly beautiful and almost idyllic women’s liberal arts college located about 40 minutes away from Boston.  I was really pretty excited to go there and experience the joys of not having to dress up for class to impress guys and forging strong relationships with other intelligent, ambitious young women.  

But alas, money is a thing and it would seem my fate is tied to Los Angeles, where I will be attending the University of Southern California as a presidential scholar.  USC is about as different a school from Wellesley as it can get: it’s a large (and very co-ed) research university in Los Angeles with a pretty big party/football culture.  I’m still getting used to that.  I was honestly pretty bummed out that I couldn’t go to Wellesley at first, but I’ve really warmed up to USC and am looking forward to attending in the fall.

Disclaimer: I still have no idea of which direction in which my career will be headed.

The downside is that 5 of my closest friends are headed out to Boston—4 are going to Tufts and 1 is going to Boston University.  Back when I’d first gotten into Wellesley, we all excitedly made plans to meet up with each other every week and chill in each others’ dorms.  It breaks my heart to think that I will no longer be joining them.

But the truth is that I’ll make new friends anyway.  High school is almost over and I will cherish the friends I made for a long, long time, but I’m pumped to get out there and make new ones.

tl;dr—for all of you high school juniors out there:



and for everyone else:


lol my dad’s going to hate this (he thinks the Trojan family is cultish…and it kind of is)