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Hi everyone!  For over four years now, I was a blogger by the same name on Xanga.  If you haven’t heard already, Xanga was suffering financial issues and was going to shut down last month—that is, until it held a fundraiser to start up Xanga 2.0.  Unfortunately, being able to blog on the new Xanga means paying a fee of $48 a year, and that’s simply not possible for an unemployed high school student like me.

So as I was transferring all of my old Xanga posts over to WordPress, I had the opportunity to look over them again—and boy, are some of them cringeworthy.  I was really tempted to just straight-up delete them  didn’t quite have the heart, so if you’d like to read over some hilariously embarrassing posts from the dark days that I call “my middle school years”, you may.  Although seriously, they’re embarrassing.



Actually, never mind, guys.  Please don’t read my old posts.

Anyway, I like the interface of WordPress so far!  I could never really give a reason as to why I chose to start blogging on Xanga, but it was the first blogging community that I came across so I just rolled with it even when I knew there were better platforms out there.

I’m looking forward to writing more and discovering other neat things about WP!


Hey world, I am BelowtheAsianStandards, formerly Amricnbrnchnese. It’s funny; I’ve gotten a number of complaints saying that, for some reason, all Asians announce their Asianness in their screen names and that it’s extremely annoying. So here’s to those who feel that way–an Asian screen name just for you ❤

Kidding, kidding, of course. Sharp-tounged as I may be, I would never do something that obnoxious. My screen name comes from who I am, not from some secret desire to be annoying as hell. Besides, what Asian is proud to be below the Asian standards?

…Not me. But I accept it. Here’s to YOU, successful Asians and Asian parents. May you be forever grateful you remain above the Asian standards.