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While I was writing yesterday’s post, my brain started spazzing and I could not stop writing. Like, I’d finish one train of thought, and then I’d start another, and another, and another, and another.  Luckily, I realized that I was really, really rambling, so I chopped off about half of it and whatever was left was what you got to read.  The funniest part is that none of what I had originally written was important in the least; I was writing because I felt like writing.

…I think I’d better start updating more often, or I might go completely insane.  So my goal for the summer, among other things, is to update my blog daily.  Hopefully you won’t mind if you get 2-sentence posts every once in a while ^^

On an entirely different and random note, I went to watch Eclipse (part of the Twilight Saga) with my friend Lucky (not her real name).  I didn’t go to watch it because I was desperately looking forward to seeing it or anything; I went to watch it because I was dead tired from my psychology class, and I figured that I hadn’t seen Lucky in a while, so it couldn’t have been too bad.  The other option would have been to watch the (as she so delicately worded it) “wack-Asian” movie, The Last Airbender (which I honestly wouldn’t have minded watching, if not for the terrible reviews and the fact that it lacked Asian actors–hence the “.  Lucky and I decided that Eclipse seemed a more mature option, anyways).  The Last Airbender does not meet the Asian standards. At all.

Watching Eclipse with Lucky was an experience, seeing as she happens to be a die-hard Jacob/Taylor Lautner fan.  I watched Twilight with my mom, which was a totally and completely awkward ordeal because of the random make-out scenes between Edward and Bella.  I watched the second in the series, New Moon, with my school friends Fish, Phayle, Circle, Beta Foof, Barwelro, Eesechay, and Fish’s cousin (who does not happen to have a nickname and who therefore will not be named at all.  ‘Hedgehog’ seems normal in this lineup), and we had went to watch it purely for the purpose of ridiculing it (in the beginning, the rest of the audience laughed at our jokes, but towards the middle, a few of them began telling us to shut up. Which we did not).  So Eclipse with Lucky was different.  Very, very different.

For me, the movie was most definitely not the highlight of the evening.  It was more fun when we were waiting outside, waiting for Lucky’s dad to pick us up from the theater and taking tons of stupid-looking pictures:


So there’s me, with my fail-attempt at acting Asian, because I’m so white-washed I’m pretty much not Asian 😛


Me and Lucky.  This was actually before the movie, so…I lied. Sorry.


BWAHAHAHAHAHA. This was such a stupid picture.  I was kind of just leaning against the lamp post, and Lucky snaps a pic.  So I tried to get her back, but she actually posed for the pic. 


Me squishing the liony thingy.


…She completely caught me off guard. I think I realized what she was doing a little too late, so in my failed attempt to smile, I ended up..sticking…my tongue…out…?

 I don’t have this kind of fun with my friends from school.  Don’t get me wrong; I love my friends and all the crazy things I do with them…but that’s a different kind of fun.  The kind of fun I had with Lucky was the girly, “ohmygosh!” kind of fun, while as my school friends are not girly at all.  The past couple of years, I’ve really hidden my girly side because I thought that being a tomboy would be so much more fun, when in reality, I really needed to incorporate both the “ohmygoshtaylorlautnerishotttt” (which he is so notttt) side of me and the “i’msocoolbeingalltoughandrandom” side of me.

Not saying I’m going to start being girly in school, because I’m not.  Girl moments are reserved only for my girly friends.

So share your experiences with writing, spazzing, girliness, tomboyness, and The Twilight Saga! Haha, but if I end up getting 100 comments telling me how great Twilight is, I will probably go and commit suicide in the corner.  Kidddinnngggg 😀

See ya tomorrow!


OH, and for those of you who wanted to know about how I did in the State Science fair, I’m sorry to say I got absolutely nothing. Nope. Zip. Zero. Nada. Missed my state testing for the fair, had to suffer through interviews for about 5 hours, had to wear a very very very uncomfortable suit for the judging, and then….what? I get nothing.  Not even an honorable mention.  I’d love to tell you that the comptetition was tough and that there were a lot of projects in my category, but I cant, because there was a grand total of 17 projects in my category.  With 4 rankings and 2 honorable mention slots, you’d think I should have won something, huh? I wonder if it had something to do with the fact that 2 other people happened to have the exact same project as I did?

Goes to show that I am nowhere close to meeting those dreaded Asian standards.  But good luck to the rest of you, regardless of whether or not you’re Asian.

Goooood evening, people of the world!  My mood today is:

That’s right.  1) I look awesome. 2) This is exactly how I feel right now.  And here’s why:

Last week was a really really tough week for me.  Grades for our school progress reports were due on Friday, meaning any assignments or tests or projects or whatever that needed to be made up had to me made up BEFORE FRIDAY.  See, see, that was difficult for me to manage, considering when I went to talk to my wonderful History teacher on Wednesday, he informed me–kindly, mind you–that I was missing 3 of my homework assignments.  Which was…(for lack of better words) retarded. Why? Because I had done the stupid assignments, and I guess the grade wasn’t entered or something.  And as if that wasn’t retarded enough, even after I pointed this out to my teacher, he tells me I still need to make up the assignments.  Which was understandable…but it still sucked..

So yes, I pulled an all-nighter re-doing 3 weeks worth of History homework.  On top of having to do assignments I’ve already done, it turns out my wonderful and ever so kind history teacher’s freaking make-up assignments are actually quite a bit more than his original assignments.  So yes, an all-nighter writing 12 pages worth of textbook chapter summarizations and bookwork, while I clearly should have been studying for my Japanese exam on Thursday, and my Math and English tests on Friday.  Yayy.

^ That was awful.  So painful was it that it was hard for me to write about.  But this week isn’t going to be much better: I have my State Testing on Monday through Wednesday, and unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it) I have to skip both Monday and Tuesday for my State Science Fair.  Normally, I would be elated to know that I get to miss school, but hey, missing State Testing means I have to make it up. Plus, I’m missing school for…the Science Fair, which is basically school in competitive, science-geek environment form.

About this little science fair of mine:  It was started waaaay back when people hardly knew anything about rockets and computers.  I was looking at the directory of the people who entered the 1954 state science fair, and–ohmahgaud–no ASIANS.  None. Zip. Zero. Nada. Duck eggs.  So then I’m checking out the directory of the science geeks who entered the 1971 science fair, and there they are. Yeap.  And it isn’t surprising that all 4 of them who entered that one placed in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their categories.  So when you look at the list of people who entered this year’s science fair–we Asians DOMINATE.  And there’s actually some competition going on there, because it’s pretty much Asians vs. Asians.  It would be a relief for me to see someone non-asian win, because that would lower the standard for me somewhat.

I am going to the science fair because my teacher really likes my board (which I worked really really hard on).  So I went to the County Science Fair expecting only to have a good time with my friends…and then I win 2nd place in my category.

Don’t get all riled up and start blaming me for meeting the asian standards.  As much as I love to go around telling my friends and people I know that I won 2nd place in my whole category (here we go here we go waitforit), the honest truth is that I won 2nd place–out of 3. Yesss that’s right, people! I came in 2nd place out of 3.  And so now you see that I have yet to meet the Asian Standards (of doom).  

So there you have it.  I’m going to State because I came in 2nd in my category (and now you know the secret behind that). I don’t even really want to go to State!  Ohmahgaud, it’s completely nerve-racking!  Not because I’m sure I’m going to lose, and not because I’m afraid of the judges, and not because I can’t handle any pressure–It’s because I must come face-to-face with…The Science Geeks.  

…Not like I have a problem being around science geeks, either.  It’s just…now I must come to terms with that fact that everyone who goes to the science fair is a science geek. Meaning I, myself, am a science geek.  I suppose there are tons of below-who-knows-what kind of standards people who can be science geeks.  I can be a science geek. The world is ending.

Post up your experiences with teachers, stress, state testing and Science geeks here!  Much appreciated ^^